As promised, I’m back with a post about empties and this time it’s about TONERS. Or essences, or lotions, as they’re called in KB. Ok, there are slight differences between them, but they all do pretty much the same: prep the skin to absorb the next products (especially the first treatment essence), add support in hydrating or moisturizing the skin – and no, they’re not the same: “Hydration” is the absorption of moisture from the air and then infusing your cells with water to improve your skin's ability to absorb moisture and nutrients. “Moisturizing” is about locking in the moisture to build your skin's natural protective barrier.

In 2020 I bought toners like crazy and as crazy as it sounds, I still have some unopened bottles. Yup, I kinda got obsessed, wanted to try them all, mostly influenced by... influencers :) That’s why I sometimes take breaks from the social media, as I don’t want to hoard anymore.

Anyway, enough ranting, here are my thoughts on these ones.

  • Both Missha were ok, but not wow. The one with Red Algae is thick, while the one with Artemisia (mugwort) is watery. I honestly bought the mist variant for the bottle, but it’s not reusable 😠
  • The snail emulsion from secret Key was quite hydrating and a bit heavy; I used it only in the evening. Had a nasty smell, like petroleum!
  • The boosting essence from Purito was nice, with some good ingredients for the skin – I would recommend it!

  • The whitening lotions from Hada Labo were quite moisturizing, but stayed on top of the skin and didn’t have any whitening effect;
  • Momo Puri was very light, good for the summer and I loved the peachy smell – I bought it only for it and for the package 🤡
  • Rovectin was very hydrating, very suitable for the cold season – I would recommend it 👍

  •  I loved the Soothe toner from Keep Cool – if there wouldn’t be so many I want to try, this would definitely be a reBuy. Very hydrating, good ingredients, no perfume;
  • The Green Tea toner from Isntree was perfect for summer, especially kept in the refrigerator. Soothing, great for the combo or oily skin – would recommend it 👍

And now I’m so happy to get rid of these empty bottles 😂 Seen anything interesting for you? Don't forget to use my discount code on YesStyle which brings you 10% off your first order and 5% off the next ones: RUX0612 or directly click here.  

Until we read again: stay classy! 💃

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